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Amazing art by Gaboswampert

Welcome to the Draft League forum's inaugural tournament! This thread will contain the bracket assignments for round two of the tour! Please note that from this round onwards, the tour is single elimination.

Here are the rules for the tour, they can also be found on the Rules tab on any of the sheets.
  • You have up to 90 points with which to draft 8 Pokémon. Costs are listed on your pool’s tab on the drafting spreadsheet.
  • If a Pokémon is picked by someone else, you make not pick it.
  • For the first round, there is a 12 hour timer. After the first round ends, there will be a continuous 6 hour timer within which you must pick, or you will be skipped, and will be required to make-up your pick when you are next online. All timers are off between 10pm-7am local time (check your pools pinned message for local time).
  • Your timer will halve every time you are skipped. It is recommended to leave picks (with backups) with your pool moderator to avoid this.
  • The following Pokémon have access to all of their forms (although you may only bring up to 1 to each battle):
    - Oricorio
    - Toxtricity
    - Indeedee
    - Oinkologne
    - Squawkabilly
  • Smogon’s Species Clause applies to your draft.
  • Once the draft is over, you must declare 1 Tera-Captain. This is the only Pokémon on your draft that will be allowed to Terastalize.
  • All games must be played in the [Gen 9] Paldea Dex Draft tier on
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • SV cartridge win conditions are in place; there are no ties.
  • Each set is a best-of-one set.
  • The following clauses apply:
    - Species Clause: A player cannot have two Pokémon with the same National Pokédex number on a team.
    - Sleep Clause: If a player has already put a Pokémon on their opponent's side to sleep and it is still sleeping, another one can't be put to sleep.
    - Evasion Clause: A Pokémon may not hold an item, use a move or possess an ability that can increase their evasion stat.
    - OHKO Clause: A Pokémon may not have the moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold in its moveset.
    - Moody Clause: A team cannot have a Pokémon with the ability Moody.
    - Endless Battle Clause: Players cannot intentionally prevent an opponent from being able to end the game without forfeiting.
    - Baton Pass Clause: A Pokémon may not have Baton Pass in its moveset."
  • Any items unreleased in SV are banned.
  • Replays must be posted to the pool/round thread.
  • Restarts are prohibited under any circumstances.
  • Rankings within pools may not be 100% accurate as the spreadsheet does not track head-to-head results. Players are ranked based upon: most wins, head-to-head, battle differential.
  • No Pokémon may use the move Last Respects.
  • No Pokémon may use the move Shed Tail.
  • No Pokémon may hold the item King's Rock.
  • No Pokémon may hold the item Leppa Berry.
  • No Pokémon may hold the item Razor Claw.
  • Iron Valiant may not be a Tera-Captain.
  • Roaring Moon may not be a Tera-Captain.

Here's the challenge command that includes all the teambuilder bans to make it easier for validation. Just paste it in the PMs of your opponent on Smogtours:
/challenge gen9paldeadexdraft @@@ -lastrespects, -shedtail, -leppaberry, -kingsrock, -razorfang

You are expected to schedule with your opponent via Smogon (you can find a guide on how to navigate Smogon and do this here). This is so that scheduling logs are public. While we may grant extensions, they will only last until 11:59pm GMT-5 on Tuesday, due to the prep heavy nature of draft.

Due to the size of the tour, we will be allocating a 128 byes in this round, they have been given to the following players:
Below (open the spoiler) are the matchups for this round:
Ac130gaming  vs  Antonazz
gorex  vs  HJ5ean
GetSleidSun  vs  Beast_killer
Calebsmash1  vs  devin
Anagram  vs  CameronBlzIt
Smoke your pack  vs  Delta4
OdinRM  vs  caprisunpai
Autumnchi  vs  Cowboy Roy
swag god  vs  bdogbears
it's tago!  vs  Xiphactin
Coltrainzzz  vs  BananasAndGrape
Joeshh  vs  Spear Hero
StormWitch  vs  Professor Shuckle
Mewsthebest  vs  Luirromen
NavyScragg  vs  Ctrl Mage
EviGaro  vs  7u9i2
Reddo161  vs  Blizzchor
Canishe  vs  Slapme2
Davo2544  vs  Pop395
Soulblaze  vs  yerdunc
BaddyGames  vs  BlueB4llz
Bean of Destiny  vs  pigsuit
Reduxion  vs  Nateboomer21
velvet  vs  Opelucid
TheHungryBidoof  vs  JohanSalapo
Vaami  vs  SparksBlade
The W-Team  vs  Sandroeschen
Daviduvi  vs  jay
GeniusX  vs  BenD870
Rissoux  vs  Suyash
Galactic Greninja  vs  One Last Kiss
charmdi  vs  SoulWind
iMox  vs  shadowtime2000
Happygate  vs  Fuzai
zxgzxg  vs  Quincy Adams
Kibo  vs  Arieon
Azery  vs  thunderbug
Omarinator  vs  Harv
lilbudge  vs  yovan33321
ChrisPBacon  vs  rom1x38
Meta  vs  WombatBaby
Marshy.  vs  Swagata Mitra
DugZa  vs  Sylvi
apetalk  vs  Cristina Makise
GindarasonPillows  vs  GoldenSaiiber
BaitWiz  vs  Kachurin
cripwalk on sunday  vs  Chronalga
Ilyes  vs  GGTC
snaga  vs  LaprasChuckles
airfare  vs  StreetCredCookie
Lord Da Spam  vs  TrashMonkey
Silvalliant  vs  Amateur Swep
Orangesodapop  vs  ApacheRomero
darbrastrucks  vs  rugma
Boss Surge  vs  JellyIO
TinyBomby  vs  Broil
Parrot6632  vs  luna107
thb1  vs  avarice
Shaneghoul  vs  UnviaSai
FinFin  vs  Finchinator
ihbst  vs  marmanch
flamelord505  vs  Not Zer0
Lakanus  vs  Lukas._.Ko
Monai  vs  Toy Time King
Lucas2543  vs  MarlonButBetter
FlorentM  vs  DJS
Draduri  vs  Aldersucks
Pokemonrainer  vs  MudkipHugger4
BetelNutCEO  vs  Crocster
Jake Moran  vs  Concept Everything
vanillacoke  vs  ZeroNo
~Undead~  vs  Lumaris
Johnpaul Joestar  vs  Kyce Ignis
jerseyite  vs  Tjb145
Vulpix03  vs  TRowePrice667
hashtag_gaymer  vs  Sylveon used calm mind
Hycrox  vs  CG12
Akaru Kokuyo  vs  ThinkingSceptile
thebozz800  vs  Ben Carbs
TwentyTwan  vs  sundays.n_sundaes
Kec Meister  vs  RunningLadder
HNobody  vs  OddsAre
The Consort  vs  2manyflies
gengaster  vs  Jedonn
ChiZGritz17  vs  spoo
random_goodness  vs  Twitchs
ash mars  vs  UnzipsCrogre
ObziLuky  vs  mil0022
Hallowed_Hazel  vs  ksavage91
Humdawg  vs  TruthCEO
Fingie Snatcher  vs  Bowas
bluesm0ke  vs  Sulo
paolode99  vs  Lady Salamence
YungFettyWap1738  vs  JimmyG
Almighty Rye  vs  corvere
Zeek2k5  vs  iPandaPanda
brokenmotor  vs  Zebstrikemdown
crumpet  vs  E Man
shadow gallade yt  vs  Neonmaster123
Chrome_  vs  enoelr
Keveloper  vs  daddl_ding
JKoster  vs  Scripfish
Msousagamer  vs  martinvtran
Skooma  vs  vinithewini
HisuAvalugg  vs  crying
Luthier  vs  ausma
MANNAT  vs  BoomBoomBoo
Lamazza  vs  Tikkito
Arkhan  vs  trey10
mariosoniczero  vs  100percentpureheat
Whammerist  vs  rogueRotom
Arc_Atoika  vs  Kai_Kitt
not mishmesh  vs  supersayan
Leru  vs  MichaelderBeste2
Guille14  vs  Jordy004
SlickPanther  vs  ComputerWhiz
RaJ.Shoot  vs  ButterCHOKE
hammerfall  vs  Lpow12
popoon  vs  Championleplusnull
DragonGold123  vs  Alessandro Cohen
Be'lakorSD  vs  fatelvl
zioziotrip  vs  Greentea570
yousuf  vs  SkyhorseTamer
Pidge  vs  Takatk
NathanDevious1  vs  Jamez
theravenandtheram  vs  Y Parahax
Shiritu  vs  xdRudi.exe
jonfilch  vs  Elgino
All games will be due by 7pm GMT-5 on Sunday 15th January 2023.


In the event of a discrepancy between the threads, Google spreadsheets and Discord announcements, the ruling within the threads will be considered as final.
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